Were you at the 2018 Sydney International Bachata Festival? Vivaz Dance was there and it was EPIC! I’m telling you those bachata lovers were loving their Vivaz Dance shoes with the top sellers of the festival being Jezebelle, Lumina, Alanna, Roxanne, Laila and our famous Tan Bling Basic!

Our customers were over the moon with how amazing they felt in their Vivaz Dance shoes! Have a look for yourself! Our next festival pop up will be at this years Sydney Latin Festival at the Riverside Theatre, and we can’t wait to pull out all the stops for our stall this year as well as launching our anticipated new collection! Hope to see you all there! 


xx Vivaz


Learning how to dance is like learning how to play an instrument... Taking classes is greatly beneficial and will teach you almost everything you need to know, but it’s also important to get experience and practice as much as possible outside of class too. When learning an instrument, progress is slow if you do not practice outside of your lessons to maintain your skills, make mistakes and learn from them, and therefore gain confidence in yourself. Social dancing is the same as it provides you with opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, put the skills you’ve obtained from lessons to use, and feel more at ease the more you do it. The concept might sound frightening at first as a beginner, but by challenging yourself you will build confidence in yourself and your dancing. You just have to take that leap of faith.