Were you at the 2018 Sydney International Bachata Festival? Vivaz Dance was there and it was EPIC! I’m telling you those bachata lovers were loving their Vivaz Dance shoes with the top sellers of the festival being Jezebelle, Lumina,Alanna, Roxanne, Laila and our famous Tan Bling Basic

In this dance tutorial you will learn a short combo of Salsa On2. Dance at your own pace pause and rewind the video, enjoy the feeling of Salsa.

Welcome to Vivaz Dance Channel where you can learn and enhance your dance vocabulary. Complete tutorials for your viewing and grooving pleasure with an easy level guide:


VVVVV - Are you even human?

VVVV - Advanced

VVV - Intermediate

VV - Beginner

V - Basics


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Vivaz Dance Shoes held a stall at Festival de Ritmo 2018 where we launched two new mens studded loafers. Tomas and Lucas are our brand new dance loafer with a funky & edgy design, highlighted with unique diamond shape diamontes for the gentleman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

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Learning how to dance is like learning how to play an instrument... Taking classes is greatly beneficial and will teach you almost everything you need to know, but it’s also important to get experience and practice as much as possible outside of class too. When learning an instrument, progress is slow if you do not practice outside of your lessons to maintain your skills, make mistakes and learn from them, and therefore gain confidence in yourself. Social dancing is the same as it provides you with opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, put the skills you’ve obtained from lessons to use, and feel more at ease the more you do it. The concept might sound frightening at first as a beginner, but by challenging yourself you will build confidence in yourself and your dancing. You just have to take that leap of faith.