Vegan Shoes 100% Jungle Friendly!

We welcome Taygra shoes into our collection 100% Jungle friendly vegan dance shoes and here is why >>> 


Locally Brazilian

By providing direct and indirect work for many Brazilian families—such as manufacturing soles, packing cardboard boxes or beach bags, Taygra's goal is to support the development of the local economy.

Recyclable Materials

TAYGRA uses 100 percent recyclable materials; offcuts are recycled locally by “waste” collectors who contribute to the city’s cleanliness while earning decent wages, thus allowing them to better their situation.


Anatomic Sole

For added flexibility, Taygras anatomic sole is made from 100 percent recycled ecologically sound orthopedic EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) that conforms and flexes to the natural movements of your feet. In fact, they are so strong that they can be bent over and over again without breaking.

Plant Based Leather

Taygra uses an organic plant based leather hailing from the environmental reserve in the south of the Amazon. The use of this material contributes to improving and sustaining the lives of the local inhabitants, the Seringueiros, who watch over their fragile homeland and protect it from the lumbering industry.


Giving Back to the Environment

Taygra in collaboration with SIMPI (Small & Micro-Companies Trade Union) manage the CURUPIRA environmental project. This project aims at reforesting small plots of pasture in the south of the Amazon. It seeks to create new forests of native trees and to introduce reforestation as a source of profit, while allowing small local farmers to earn decent wages as they care for the new plantings.


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