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Dancing is one of the most graceful activities you can enjoy. Dance is superb for keeping you healthy, active, positive and to help you maintain good body weight and posture. If you want to learn to dance then one of the first things you need to do is invest in a good pair of custom fit dance shoes

It is important to wear the right dance shoes right from the start because all shoes will first need to be broken in gradually before you can enjoy extensive dance sessions. Dancing in new shoes is terrible for your feet and can result in lots of blisters. 

Dance shoes, unlike other shoes, are also specially designed to support the structure of your feet and these shoes are reinforced to enhance durability as you twist and turn during dance practice. Ballroom dance shoes are also designed to reduce the chances of obtaining injuries. 

Vivaz Dance is the best place to buy dance shoes because all of our products are made of the finest quality materials and you can choose from a wide range of quality dance shoes including custom made ballroom dance shoes.

Why You Need Custom Made Ballroom Dance Shoes

No two people are exactly the same and very few dancers have the same feet and preferences when it comes to shoes and dancing styles. Custom dance shoes are a must for ballroom dancing because of the following main reasons;

Find the perfect size - Shoes that are too small can pinch your feet and shoes that are too loose will cause you to lose balance. With custom-fit shoes, you can find a size that fits your feet perfectly, including size and a half shoes that is such a rare find in local shops.

Find the perfect height - Some women and men prefer a higher heel than others. The perfect heel height can help you execute movements more precisely so you can move elegantly about the dance floor. With custom-designed dance shoes, you can choose from different heel heights for an optimised dance performance.

Find heel protectors - It takes a while to break into custom made dance shoes and the heels can get worn down pretty fast if you enjoy lots of dance practice sessions. Heel protectors keep your heels in good condition so your shoes will still look great after lots of wear and tear. You can also buy dance bags that are specifically made to keep carry dance shoes, costumes and accessories. Our favourite dance bag is the Dream Duffle dance bag which has lots of space for all your dance gear and will last for years.

Specially reinforced - Dance shoes are crafted with superior heel and soles that suit foot shapes better and that enhance the strength and durability of these shoes. With custom shoes, you can enjoy great stability on high heels and your shoes will last a lot longer. 

How to Order Your Custom Dance Shoes Online

Ordering dance shoes online is easy when you use a professional company like Vivaz Dance. We offer a huge variety of customisable ballroom dance shoes to choose from. All you need to do is locate a pair you like and select the customisation you need from our drop-down menus. You can choose the perfect size, perfect heel height and buy as many heel protectors as you need.

Once your order is processed, your shoes will be ready for shipment in 1 - 2 business days and we will get these beautiful shoes delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. 

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The "Portia" black suede and AB crystal latin dance booties are a unique design with exceptional support, comfort and style. The lace up closure at the front allows for adjustment of width which provides exceptional comfort and is especially suitable for those with a...

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