Dream Duffel, LLC was founded in 2008 out of frustration over a lack of products designed for dancers to travel to competitions. We would see young competitors and their parents struggling to carry garment bags, rolling suitcases, chairs, makeup cases, and yoga mats into dance competitions. In addition, many of the competition venues have nowhere to hang costumes. We realized, there had to be a better way.

With a growing wish list, we took the best of the "make-do" solutions, added our own ingenuity, and came up with the Dream Duffel®. The Dream Duffel bag has everything a competitor needs, plus a design that is so simple, even a young child can set it up on his or her own. Since the introduction of the Dream Duffel in the fall of 2008, our company has released other competition accessories and products.

Competitors in skate, pageants, cheer, twirling, equestrian, and more have discovered that the features that make the Dream Duffel and Dream Duffel accessories the ultimate competition products for dance are also ideal for traveling to their competitions.

The Duffel team consists of former dancers, skaters, and pageant participants; along with dance moms, dance dads, and dance instructors. This team is dedicated to providing products to eliminate the unnecessary stress, strain, and tears from your competitor, so you can relax and enjoy the show!

Buy Your Dream Duffle Dance Bag Online

As every dancer knows, when you compete, you need and want to look good. Along with having stunning costumes, stylish dance shoes and the right accessories, the key ingredient is being able to transport it all safely, knowing that it will look as good as it did when you put it in the bag.

Vivaz Dance has a range of Dream Duffel bags available throughout Australia, allowing you to get to your competition with everything organised and ready to wear.

What are my options when it comes to Dream Duffle bags?

The biggest thing you will need to decide when it comes to choosing your Dream Duffel bag is the size that you will need. There are options for multiple costumes, shoes and accessories to just carrying the one costume.

For the ultimate Dream Duffel dance bag, look no further than the ‘Dream Duffel Medium Black Package’. Not only does this dance bag look classy, but it comes with everything you need for your dance competition. You will be able to travel to all your destinations, including national and international competitions, all the while keeping your precious costumes, dance training shoes and accessories safe.

With a Patent Pending one-touch telescopic costume rack, you will easily be able to hang and order your costumes in the dressing room, knowing exactly where they are when you need them. It also includes a garment bag, allowing you to keep your costumes safe, along with an accessory box to keep everything together.

For a more colourful Dream Duffle bag, we also have our ‘Dream Duffle Waves Package’ that features a stylish purple waves design. They are available in a small size that holds approximately 6 costumes, a medium size that holds around 10 and a large size that holds 15. All of these include a folding stool, extremely useful for those precious moments when you get to rest or simply need to put your shoes on.

Costume changes can be stressful without the right equipment to organise and ensure you have everything with you. With Vivaz Dance’s range of Dream Duffle bags, your next competition will be as stress-free as possible and you can relax and enjoy the dancing.

If you don’t need to carry quite as much, Vivaz Dance also has a ‘Dream Duffle Garment Bag’. It is made from clear PVC and this durable material is capable of holding your costume, shoes and accessories safely. With the bonus of this being made from a clear material, you can see inside and check that you have everything you need.

Choose Vivaz Dance for Dream Duffle bags

With fast shipping, when you choose to purchase your Dream Duffle bag from Vivaz Dance, you will get it quickly and begin to reap the benefits of having a well-designed dance bag.

Vivaz Dance cannot promise to take away your nerves before a dance competition, but we can take the strain away from transporting your costumes and costume changes with our range of Dream Duffle bags. Shop with us today and order yours.

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  Our custom garment bag is made of medium weight, clear, PVC - Very durable holds everything you need for each costume. Size: 18"x37"Custom garment bag features:* 5 pockets. *Side Zipper.1- Full length Costume Compartment1- 4"x 6" Contents card pocket2-...

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