Shoe size guide

All Vivaz Dance Latin & Ballroom Shoes are made in US or EURO sizes.

DanceFit Dance Sneakers are made in EURO sizes.

General Sizing Advice* for Latin & Ballroom Dance Shoes:

  • Compared with Australian sizing, US sizing is fractionally bigger. For example If you wear an Australian size 7 shoe you will most likely fit into a size 6.5 or 7 in Vivaz Dance Shoes.
  • Dance shoes should be fitted so that they are firm ‘like a glove’ on your foot.
  • Dance shoes should not move on your foot when you dance.
  • Brand new dance shoes should be firm but NOT painful. 
  • All dance shoes will stretch slightly with wear. The ideal result after the 'wearing-in period' is a firm fitted shoe that is molded to the shape of the dancers foot, resulting in a true ‘glove-like’ fitting.
  • Full-leather dance shoes will stretch the most, so it is particularly important that these shoes fit very firmly when purchased.
  • To determine your shoe size we recommend measuring your foot & referring to the Vivaz Dance Latin & Ballroom size chart located on every product page.

Ladies Latin & Ballroom Dance Shoes should be fitted so: 

  • Your toes should be nearly flush with the end of the shoe, you do NOT need a ‘thumbs-width’ length between your toes and the end of the shoe.
  • Your heel should be firmly up against the back of the shoe. If your foot slides down away from the back of the shoe, this means that the toe straps or ankle straps are too loose or the shoe is too big. 
  • If your toes are flush with the end of the shoe, but your heel is not firmly against the back of the shoe, Vivaz recommends Vivaz Revivals soft gel innersole under the ball of the foot. This serves to add volume around your foot, and will give you a firmer and more comfortable fit - stopping your foot from sliding down in the shoe.

Wide Fittings: 

  • Vivaz Dance Shoes all come in a standard width. Unless otherwise stated.
  • The width of the dance shoe increases proportionately with the size increase.
  • Wide fittings are available, a selection of wide fitting shoes are kept in stock. you can determine if a shoe is 'wide' as it will be indicated below the picture of the shoe. See example below.

example wide fit

*Our sizing guides and advice are to be taken as recommendations only and, although we are happy to refund or exchange if there are sizing difficulties, the provision of such advice by us does not negate the purchaser's responsibility for the costs associated with such exchange or refund.

size chart