About the Designer

Vivaz Dance was built from the (dance) floor up, beginning in June 2004. The designers own frustrations with the lack of availability, high prices, and out-of-date designs fuelled a passion to manufacture herself, the kind of product that could not be found on the dance shoe market.

The initial drive was a focus on performance-driven, yet affordable, dance footwear… but her desire to source the latest fashions in colour and design soon resulted in a mission statement headlined: CREATE THE PERFECT DANCE SHOE.

Demand from social and professional dancers was already high; for fashion-focused footwear with dance-all-night comfort. The appeal that this kind of innovation would have to high-heel-loving women from all walks of life, was about to be realised.

Finally a shoe had been designed that women could buy for sheer aesthetic delight, which would rival the affections every woman holds for their favourite pair of “comfy shoes”.

Vivaz means NO MORE money wasted on dress shoes that look hot but get the flick when there’s a long night on the dancefloor anticipated. They are the answer that fashion-conscious women are looking for when their tired, aching feet ask, “How can I walk another mile in these shoes?” You can… in Vivaz.


Vivaz is an Australian company that is run, owned and operated by Latin Junction Pty Ltd

Vivaz dance shoes are a superior product; designed by a dancer, for those who love to dance.

Vivaz dance shoes are a fashion statement and a breakthrough in high-heel comfort.

Made for hitting the dance floor or just stepping out in style... Vivaz are like no other fashion footwear currently on the market.

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