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3 Important Things To Consider When Buying Your First Pair Of Dance Shoes

Feb 05, 2020

3 Important Things To Consider When Buying Your First Pair Of Dance Shoes

Hi There,

It's Amber here, Designer and Director of the one and only Vivaz Dance. Welcome to the Vivaz Academy Blog where I will share important information on how to choose, maintain and genuinely fall in love with your dance shoes.

At Vivaz we design and craft stunning high quality affordable dance shoes for everyBODY. That's why since 2001 tens of thousands of dancers, brides and humans from Australia and around the world are loyal #vivazbabes and #vivazmen.

Dance is a sport and just like any other sport, you need the right equipment! You will be amazed at what a difference the right pair of dance shoes can make.


You'll feel better, you'll look better, your body will be correctly aligned and you will be ready to take on your new role as the dance king or queen of the century! (Well, we all have dreams right!)


You will be uncomfortable, unsupported and incorrectly aligned... You will have sore feet, you will lose your job and your landlord will evict you! #jokes

For real though... The things you don't know about make all the difference and after almost twenty years of quality production and customer feedback you learn a thing or two. Vivaz Dance shoes are well known for their comfort, style and support and we want to help you to choose your first pair of Vivaz Dance shoes!

3 Important Things To Consider When Buying Your First Pair Of Dance Shoes

1. The Heel Height & Style

We have a variety of heel shapes to choose from including flared, cuban, slim, stiletto and straight heels. Flared heels provide more stability while slim, stiletto and tango heels are often used by dancers who have more experience with heels or are advanced dancers.

For latin and ballroom shoes we recommend starting with a 2.5" heel. If you have ankle, knee or hip issues a 2" or lower heel would be perfect.

We talk more about heels and heights in an upcoming Vivaz Academy email. Keep your eyes out for that one.


2. The Shoe Sole

For your first pair of dance shoes we do recommend that you choose a pair that has a suede sole, this is really helpful when attending classes as it allows you to move, grip and slide on the floor perfectly without the worry of sore feet. Knee injuries can be caused from standard street shoe soles as they tend to stick to the floor and not provide the right flexibility.

Tango and Kizomba dancers often love to dance with a leather sole and we have many options available such as Aurora, Gabrielle, Aviva and more in our Tango and Kizomba collections on the Vivaz Dance website.

We also offer a street sole (resin) range which we will touch base on in a later email of the Vivaz Academy serious.


3. The Fit

A well fitting pair of dance shoes from Vivaz Dance will have you feeling so comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing heels! They should be firm but not painful, with your toes flush with the end of the shoe and no gaps at the back.

Sizing is easy with our simple measurement system that you can find right here

The strap fitting also plays a part in the overall comfort and stability of the shoes. An under arch strap gives the most support as it wraps around the whole foot. There are so many other styles to choose from including an ankle strap or a t-bar strap.

Different designs at the toe cage can have different effects on the flexibility and feeling of support at the front of the foot. Generally a toe cage that is fuller and more covered will be more supportive while a strappy style will increase the flexibility.


How About My Dance Style?

Whatever style of dance is your flavour, the good news is that most latin dance shoes are suitable for all latin dance styles and it is simply a matter of choosing something that suits your style and personality in a heel height that works for you. If you need any help you can call, FB message, live chat via the website or email us for some guidance anytime!

We just looooooove talking about shoes!


So in summary... when choosing your first pair of dance shoes, elements you should consider are:

  1. Style - heel height and colour 
  2. Sole  - suede, resin or leather
  3. Fit  - strap style and toe cage

I have really enjoyed putting together this guide and hope that it has been helpful in your selection process of buying your first pair of Vivaz Dance Shoes.

See you on the dance floor.

Amber Ben

Designer / Director

Vivaz Dance