7 min Open Level Kizomba Ginga Dance Combo | Vali D for Vivaz Dance

OPEN LEVEL (🌶️) Kizomba Ginga Dance tutorial By Vali D.

Dancer Bio:

💃 @vali_damaskou | With an impressive 30 years of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballroom and Street Latin, Vali is set to detonate the floor on fire.

As a lover and participant of all styles of dance it is no surprise that she is an inspiration to watch as she gets lost in the music.

A dancer who is not afraid to feel the funk and guarantees to mesmerise your dance as she continues her strong delivery of Street Latin. ​ Vali has also been the artist accountable together with her then partner Oliver Pineda for taking the risk and introducing Kizomba in Australia and in the Salsa Scene around the world back in 2008, teaching and performing it.

Vali was the one to introduced Kizomba in the Greek Latin seen in 2010 while touring Europe and USA. ​ Her work includes representing Australia and Greece at various congresses and competitions around the world, performing, teaching, judging and featured in various world dance tours and major events throughout Europe, Oceania, United States and Asia.

Music 🎼 Titiriti | By Calo Pascoal


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